Copper Gutters Cape Coral FL

There are a lot of types and materials that people can choose from when it comes to gutter installation. Most people go for the basic type, which is vinyl or aluminum, considering that it is the most popular and most common type of gutter nowadays. They are the standard choice because aluminum gutters are affordable and easy to install. Many are hesitant to have copper gutters installed in their homes because they think it is too expensive. Cost is indeed a major factor to consider. However, it should not be the only one. Homeowners in Cape Coral are starting to realize that having copper gutters installed in their houses would actually be a great investment. It is essential for people to know the many benefits that copper rain gutters offer. In fact, they are an excellent choice for many reasons!

What is copper anyway? Copper, from the Latin word cuprum, is a chemical element. It is a soft, malleable, and ductile metal. It also has a very high thermal and electrical conductivity. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, copper is the third most consumed industrial metal in the world, next to iron and aluminum. Copper, aside from gold, is the only metal on the periodic table whose coloring is not naturally silver or gray. It has a pinkish-orange color. 

One of the biggest advantages of using copper gutters is their addition to the appeal and decor of your home. Many people agree that copper gutters are more attractive than other typical gutter materials such as vinyl and aluminum. Because not a lot of people in Cape Coral, Florida choose to have copper gutters, your home may be the only one with a copper gutter system and it will surely stand out in the neighborhood! Copper gutters are stylish, elegant, and sophisticated. You may also have it designed depending on your preference. If the copper gutters are allowed to oxidize, they will produce a lovely green-colored coating, which some people prefer for their homes. It only takes patience for this to happen since the whole oxidation process takes about six years to finish. You will then be able to achieve the desired look. If you prefer the natural color of copper, you will need to protect the gutter with a sealant to prevent it from oxidizing. Choosing this material for gutter installation will not only increase the value of your home, but it will also attract future home and property customers in case you decide to sell.

Copper rain gutters are sturdy and long-lasting. They can survive in extreme temperature fluctuations, weather conditions, and season changes. Copper gutters differ from steel because they do not rust. While other types need to be constantly replaced, with proper cleaning and maintenance, copper gutters will last you for decades. Copper is not susceptible to corrosion – unlike gutters that are produced from other materials. This property increases the lifetime of your gutters and reduces the need for constant maintenance. It is also resistant to algae and fungi, which means it prevents the growth of these organisms that might block the gutter system. 

If you care for mother nature and think this might harm the environment, it won’t! It is a usual misconception people get. You do not have to worry about using copper for your gutters because it is a hundred and one percent eco-friendly! It is naturally produced, safe to use, and can repeatedly be recycled. 

It is vital that you hire professional installers and workers to have your copper gutters installed, so as to ensure they remain securely attached to your home. Our gutter company offers different services such as gutter installation, gutter replacement, gutter maintenance, and gutter repair. Your choice of gutter system will contribute a lot to the appearance and value of your home. Copper gutters would be a wise choice to improve your home in Cape Coral, Florida.